What is Going On and What Can We Do? - An intensive two day workshop for families struggling with parent/child relationships.  With razor sharp assessment, Laurie will help you identify what is causing the problem, strategies for resolving the problem and a plan to move forward after the workshop.  Therapists may refer clients to this workshop or clients may self refer.  If you are interested in What is Going On and What Can We Do?  please send me a confidential message



Make it Work for Couples teaches couples to be self-aware, authentic and OWN what they want to change through commitment and precise and effective communication. An intensive, two day workshop for couples who are struggling to connect emotionally. In this workshop, you will develop more clarity on who you are as an individual, what you want from your relationship with your partner, take responsibility for committing to change and communicate this clearly and effectively.​ Therapists may refer clients to this workshop or clients may self refer.  If you are interested in Make it Work for Couples, please send me a confidential message


"A two day intensive workshop to figure out how to “Make It Work” with Laurie Conaty as the facilitator and coach is like an opportunity to participate in Therapy Olympics! She is intelligent, thorough, wise, witty and a master therapist! Her engaging personality will keep the workshop action packed and information-filled. Participants will be able to build skills based on the newest research and evidence based treatments, all of which can be applied to their own lives immediately. If already in therapy, the workshop may shed light on what have previously been roadblocks for a client. If not in therapy, a participant might find that the workshop offered just enough to put current puzzle pieces together to move forward more confidently. " -Jan Cheek, LCSW, PA​

"With decades of experience working with individuals and families, Laurie brings a unique blend of professional experience and a practical, intuitive approach to her work. She is adept at efficiently identifying problems, lagging skills, and also strengths that can be utilized to allow a person to gain the tools necessary to move on in their lives. She has a gift of easily engaging with people and establishing a trusting relationship. Her clients truly feel  that Laurie is partnering with them to help them identify and eventually achieve their treatment goals."  - Andrea Jimenez, M.D., Board Certified Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist


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