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This set of comprehensive private practice forms includes:

  • Adolescent and Child HX Questionnaires
  • Authorization Tracker
  • Consent to RIs/Exchange/Request Info
  • Coordination of Care Letter
  • Initial Assessment Form
  • Insurance Verification Form and No Usage of Ins Bene Attestation
  • NS/LaCa Letter
  • NP Facesheet
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Progress Note Template
  • Responding to Subpoena
  • Thank You for Referral Letter

Comprehensive Private Practice Forms

  • The Comprehensive Private Practice Forms will be sent in a zip file after receipt of returned attestation. The attestation will be available for completion upon purchase. Return the document to 

    The forms will be delivered in Microsoft Word format so that you can adopt them to your practice, policies and any other changes or additions you may want to make. In other words, they are yours to personalize however you choose! 

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