For individuals, couples, and families, I can help.  What’s going on?  How can I change it?  Those are the two questions people grapple with most when seeking therapy.  Using my diagnostic skills and years of experience, I am committed to helping you find the answers to these questions.  I will skillfully guide you through all the possibilities to remedy what’s troubling you.


An intensive experience for couples and families, my two day workshop of dialogue and intervention can help you get out of your rut and result in a collaboratively crafted game plan for moving forward.


It is a MYTH that people have to "want" help or "hit bottom."  In fact, tragically, this approach can result in serious impairment or death.  Often, people who have addictive disease NEED loving, assertive, leverage-typically in the form of assistance with defining their goals and values, looking at how the addiction is in line with realizing those goals and/or values or, in fact,  hampering them and finally, having a clear set of choices and consequences-often defined by loved ones and or employers.


Having trained in Love First Clinical Interventions by Jeff and Debra Jay, I have years of experience working with family members or employers who have someone important in their life who is suffering from an addictive disease.  I offer carefully planned, highly confidential clinical interventions.


"Laurie is a teacher and a great role model and guide for clients as they identify and prioritize treatment goals. She is incredibly gifted in teaching clients what it will take to be responsible managers of their own lives, recognizing that all people have particular strengths and certain vulnerabilities which are their realities." -Jan Cheek, LCSW, PA​

"Laurie's masterful diagnostic skills coupled with her keen approach to problem solving make her the ideal person to lead an intensive workshop for families or individuals who are "feeling stuck".  She is insightful and efficient in her approach to identifying the focus of treatment and developing a practical treatment plan.  She is well respected in her field and often collaborates with therapists, M.D.s, and other mental health professionals serving as either consultant or a trusted referral source for some of their challenging clients." -Andrea Jimenez, M.D., Board Certified Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist


I offer, often in partnership with other clinics or agencies, training in Motivational Interviewing, Advanced Motivational Interviewing, Motivational interviewing in Group Therapy, and ASAM Patient Placement Criteria.