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What’s going on?  How can I change it?  Those are the two questions people grapple with most when seeking therapy.  Using my diagnostic skills and years of experience, I am committed to helping individuals, couples, and families answer these questions.  I will skillfully guide you through all the possibilities to remedy what’s troubling you.


It is a MYTH that people have to "want" help or "hit bottom."  In fact, tragically, this approach can result in serious impairment or death.  Often, people who have addictive disease NEED loving, assertive, leverage - typically in the form of assistance with defining their goals and values, looking at how the addiction is in line with realizing those goals and/or values or, in fact, hampering them and finally, having a clear set of choices and consequences - often defined by loved ones and/or employers.
Having been trained in Love First Clinical Interventions by Jeff and Debra Jay, I have years of experience working with family members or employers who have someone important in their life who is suffering from an addictive disease. I offer carefully planned, highly confidential clinical interventions. 

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